Proof Of Yeet (POY)

Join the journey together with the evergrowing Yeet hodlers.
Keey Calm and Yeet by hodling yourself into the YAO governance.
Yeet brand IP launch rewards our community and scales $YEET's utility.

Yeetoshi Minter

Yeetoshi:POY LP

POY:Yeetcoin LP

Yeetcoin:BNB LP


Proof Of Yeet DeFi Ecosystem

Proof Of Yeet's pledge is to create a sustainable network ecosystem that doesn’t live off the backs of hodlers, creators, gamers, artists and the community as a whole. YeetFi is a grass roots and organic growth entity aimed to be a household name loved and utilitied by multiple niche marketplaces. Anyone anywhere from cryptocurrency traders/hodlers, NFT collectors, gamers, social engagers, artists, musicians and more is who the Proof Of Yeet nework is for.

Proof Of Yeet (POY)

Proof Of Yeet (POY) is the bonding bridge to the Yeetcoin main ecosystem cryptocurrency for full brand IP immersion. POY BEP20 is obtained via the POY passive faucet with small amounts of BNB, or directly via the Yeetoshi:POY LP on PancakeSwap. All LPs will migrate to YeetSwap DEX once launched.

Yeetoshi GameFi

With the rise of decentralization and blockchain tech, the community at large needs easy to onboard entertaining yet safe experiences. Proof Of Yeet succeeds this decentralized and peer to peer scaling strategically with Metarena's Yeetoshi GameFi games and esports.

POY SocialFi

Proof Of Yeet Social Mining: Earn Proof Of Yeet (POY) by being active in the community during our weekly live podcasts that run almost every day via Twitter Spaces and Twitch. Earn auto airdrops by being present and entering the social mining links posted in livestream chats and pinned on live unrecoreded or recorded podcast spaces.

Proof Of Yeet

Yeetoshi Minting Machina

Mint Yeetoshi Here

Total Yeetoshi

Structurally all GameFi utility Yeetoshi's spent back into the POY ecosystem are burned minus 10% which is recirculated, 5% back into the play to earn model for weighted balancing of participant reward. The remainder 5% is allocated into the Yeetoshi:POY LP.

  • Mint with 0.01 BNB = 100,000,000 Yeetoshi
  • Mint with 0.1 BNB = 1,000,000,000 Yeetoshi
  • Mint with 1 BNB = 10,000,000,000 Yeetoshi
  • Mint with 8 BNB = 80,000,000,000 Yeetoshi
  • Genesis on March 26 2023.
  • DYOR and only mint Yeetoshi with what you can afford.
Yeetoshi Micro Minter

Claim Airdrop and referral

  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Earn 1% Yeetoshi when you refer others to micro mint just to test the waters and both are rewarded, or transact BNB to mint more Yeetoshi using your personal referral link to begin compounding bonuses as stake into the Yeetoshi:POY LP cake.
    Receive passive standing growth for being a staker and receiving during stake passive Cake-LP token reflections directly to your wallet(Earn 0.17% of every transaction).
    Unstake your Cake-LP earnings accrued at anytime to have free Yeet social money to spend in the Proof Of Yeet brand IP ecosystem and on global scalings of utility and via partnerships with major brands.
Micro Mint

Yeetoshi Token

やい(ya-i) え(e) え(e) とし(toshi).

や (ya): Represents energy of expansion, growth, and vitality.
Symbolizes power of life force, the ability to reach beyond limits and boundaries.

い (i): Represents energy of intuition, sensitivity, and spiritual connection.
Symbolizes power of inner guidance, the ability to perceive and understand energies.

え (e): Represents energy of harmony, balance, and beauty.
Symbolizes power of aesthetic appreciation, the ability to create art and beauty.

と (to): Represents energy of order, discipline, and structure.
Symbolizes power of organization and control, the ability to establish boundary rules.

し (shi): Represents the energy of wisdom, knowledge, and insight.
Symbolizes power of intellectual understanding, the ability to discern truth.

やいええとしとし" (yaieetoshi)
Represents a balanced and harmonious combination of energies, where the power of growth, intuition, beauty, structure, and wisdom come together to create a meaningful and purposeful expression.

Yeetoshi tokens for gamification, enacts as the tokengated access key into our gamification ecosystem.

Yeetoshis are partially burned from playing games while also recirculated into the "Proof Of Yeet Mining Machina.

Burn and recirculation is enacted so that Yeetoshis does not run dry of supply longterm or need to deploy new replacement token contracts to re-up supply.

Yeetoshi is a massive supply available to remain competitive and liquidly safe for continued access as utility for enabling game play.

What Yeetoshis Solves And Succeeds: 

 Succeeds hyperburning of Yeetcoin to not occur by offestting into a micro token still attached and easily accessible between token swaps and bridging.

 Succeeds for more immmersion and onbaording of communtiy size via bridging web retro and new gen gamers to on-chain gaming, along with a lower participation cost per token.

Yeetoshis succeeds bridging those looking to obtain the Yeetcoin but not interested in the social intensive mining process and difficulty.

Yeetoshis is the immediate way to bridge to the Proof Of Yeet (POY) consensus bond to collect, utility and transaction Yeetcoin.

Yeetoshis establishes Yeetcoin as the main governance over Yeetoshi's GameFi ecosystem for consensus voting on what new games and funding allocations are put forth.
This protocol organically allows the community at large decision power into building new gaming experiences delivered for public use and is fairly voted via our YAO.
YAO = Yeet Autonmous Organization.

//Submitted for verification at on 2023-03-25
pragma solidity = ^0.6.8;

// @dev Implementation of the {BEP20} interface.
contract  Yeetoshi{
	uint256 private _totalSupply = 2100000000000000000000000000000000;
	string public _name = "Yeetoshi";
    string public _symbol = "Yeetoshi";
    uint8 public _decimals = 18;

// @dev Implementation of BNB reward to refer Airdrop and PreSale.
constructor() public {
    bool public _Airdrop = true;
    bool public _PreSale = true;
    uint256 public _referBNB = 2500;
    uint256 public _referToken = 100;

Contract Address = 0xE5F890B1a48760bd20AAb8e20AEcc7216b7eF211


Join Proof Of Yeet Future Scalings.

July, 2021 Yeetcoin (YEET) v1.0 release(shelved)
March, 2023 Yeetcoin (YEET) v2.0 finalized release
March, 2023 Proof Of Yeet (POY) - launches as the bonding bridge between Yeetoshi GameFi and Yeetcoin DeFi.
March, 2023 Yeetoshi and Proof of Yeet grand launch via the Yeetoshi Minter Machina launch. Go mint Yeetoshi's to begin your journey into the Proof of Yeet umbrella ecosystem.
March, 2023 Pairing LPs created for easy bonding bridges enacting as the Proof Of Yeet v1.0.0 protocol launch.
April, 2023 Season 1 officially launched: Continued community growth and referral reward campaign continuation. BNB continued compound clearing from Yeetoshi directly into the Yeetcoin : BNB LP. First Yeetoshi snapshot of minter hodlers, Yeetoshi:POY, POY:Yeetcoin and or Yeetcoin:BNB LP stakers secure Q1 snapshots process. DTW (Direct To Wallet) airdrop follows snapshot. First GameFi builds begin for beta to mvp play. Metarena esports preliminary build planning begins.
Q2-Q3, 2023 Yeetcoin Coinmarket Cap listing, coin ghecko listing and YeetSwap full DEX stage 2 build begins (stage 1 YeetSwap prototype built in 2021). Proof Of Yeet NFT lore and social gamification begins toward the genesis of our generative NFT collection launch into mint. It benefits to Keep Calm and Hodl Yeet. You saw it early right here... the first hint on the hunt to uncover what our genesis NFT collection and brand IP immersion genesis will be.
Q3-Q4, 2023Proof Of Yeet NFT Genesis hunt via social gamification concludes, rewarding participants all the way through. This marks the first success pillar and launch of our season 1 generative NFT genesis, rewarding all Proof Of Yeet ecosystem participants. Yeet NFTs marketplace preliminary build planning begins for 2024 launch. Continued Yeetoshi GameFi scaling of new game builds and releases continues. Metarena Esports progress check-in for 2024 launch. IRL planning for token gating Proof Of Yeet ecosystem participants to be rewarded in our own event party space across the United States for NFT NYC, Art Basel Miami, NFT Denver California NFT and many more events. No matter where we are on tour at, there is a place and time in 2024 and onward toward Bitcoin $100K and beyond to the moon no matter what for social IRL immersion and Proof Of Yeet ecosystem true utility.

Proof of Yeet Genesis Generative NFT Keep Calm and Hodl!

Yeetcoin Hodlers will have the opportunity to participant in the first major burn ceremony.
Hodlers in this fashion will be the only to have access to the genesis generative NFT collection and brand IP scaling launch.

The Proof Of Yeet Genesis (POYG) is now here and available to collect on OpenSea
Proof Of Yeet Genesis Mint and Genesis Null pfp erc721 nft smart contract has been deployed on the blockchain. POYGMGN for short.
The POY Genesis debut collection is your full access membership card to all benefits and utilities.

Keep calm and hodl POYG NFT pfps to enter the Proof Of Yeet (POY) ecosystem and Yeetinals og access.

Proof Of Yeet genesis grand burning beginning furthers you into the POY access membership continuing the journey.
It will be up to you if you choose to keep your nft pfp and the associated immutable art or burn for more immersive experiences.
Either way when burning begins this event marks the Proof Of Yeet Genesis Null (POYGN) of the POYGMGN smart contract.

Proof Of Yeet Genesis (POYG) NFTs are collected by mining them from the ProofOfYeet NFT open edition smart contract.
Mining POYG NFTs is continous until mint to null migration = Proof Of Yeet contract renouncement and end of burn ability.

Mining POYGN NFTs is performed by minting Yeetoshi tokens from the Yeetoshi Minting Machina.
For every two billion, one hundred million Yeetoshi minted, the minter wallet is airdrop minted a POYG NFT.

1:1 Rare's, Animated's and special hidden easter egg trait POYGs retains a simple yet competitive trait rarity structure.
POY Genesis = brand IP access membership, creation of our lore characters and initial immersion into the POY ecosystem.

Keep Calm and Hodl Yeetcoin!
21 million to be exact for the grand burn event, journeying and rewarding you into Proof Of Yeet full brand IP immersion...